Monday, July 28, 2014

3 Questions For: Andrew Oliver '16

In today's post, Andrew Oliver '16 answers three simple questions.

Andrew Oliver '16 
1) Why did you choose the Prep?
I chose the Prep because it offers all the things that you want in a high school:

  • Great academics 
  • Great teachers 
  • Competitive athletics and outstanding extracurricular activities
  • Opportunities for social and spiritual growth

2) What is your favorite thing about the Prep? 
It’s hard to list one favorite thing about the Prep. If I had to pick one it would be the people. The faculty are always willing to help students. The teachers care about both the students' academics and also about the students' development as young men.

3) Why would you recommend the Prep to an 8th grade student?
Too many reasons, but let me try. Beyond the great academics and athletics, the Prep exposes its students to a much bigger group of people. In my time at the Prep, I've become friends with kids from Bucks County, South Philly, the Main Line, North Philly, and even Jersey. I doubt I would have met such a diverse group of people if I had chosen my local public school or another private school. The Prep also teaches its students how to work hard. The Prep isn't easy, but it pushes each student to be the best student / athlete / actor / musician / person he can be.

Andrew Oliver '16 and Mr. Ed Turner '00, Director of Admission contributed to this blog post.