Monday, August 5, 2013



Whenever my wife, Erin, visits me at the Prep, she marvels at what she calls the "vibe of the place." The positive energy that flows through the Prep impresses her to such a degree that Erin wishes she could take "whatever it is that you have here and put it in a bottle." When asked to elaborate, Erin says, "Everyone just seems so happy."


It's August and things tend to slow down here at St. Joe's Prep. The positive energy that is palpable during the school year needs a few weeks to recharge. That period before the start of a new academic year permits the admission office to reflect on the past year, look ahead to the upcoming year, and purge the office. To assist with the cleaning, our office has the help of two summer work grant students: Billy Matz '16 and Keith Smith '15.

Billy Matz '16
Narberth, PA

Keith Smith '15
Chestnut Hill
As we rearrange my office's bookshelves, I ask these young men if my wife is right. Are we happy at the Prep? Without hesitation, each of them says, "Yes." Billy says that he feels welcome here at the Prep, and that his teachers genuinely care for him. Keith says that everyone at the Prep - classmates, teachers, staff, and alumni - acknowledges him, and that simple act makes him feel special.


Recent research suggests that a person's job success is related in no small part to his or her optimism, not just education or work ethic. The Prep provides its students with a stellar education and promotes a strong work ethic within a positive and nurturing environment. It all sounds like a recipe for success to me.

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