Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why Test?


Why do we ask our applicants to take an entrance exam? The simple answer is consistency. The Prep's student body represents over 200 different grammar schools - parochial, public, charter, independent, and home schools - from the Delaware Valley. The entrance exam allows us to take an identical snapshot of each applicant, and then compare. 

Bathroom break?

As much as this exam helps the Prep's admission office, it helps the applicants too. The experience of sitting for an entrance exam - although grueling - gives students an idea of the type of grit and endurance they'll need to succeed at a school like the Prep.

Test Prep

For students looking for some extra help in preparing for the Prep's (or other schools') entrance exam, there is still space left in our test-prep program. Find out about Pre-Prep today. Click here to register. 

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