Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Getting to Know: Mr. Murphy

Let's head over to the Prep's Science Department and chat with second-year Physics teacher, Mr. Scott Murphy.
Mr. Scott Murphy

Before arriving at 17th & Girard, Mr. Murphy taught physics for three years at Mastery Thomas Charter School in South Philly where he created the physics curriculum and championed the school's AP Physics program. Murphy, a University of Maryland graduate (B.S., Physics/M.Ed.), wasted no time in getting involved at the Prep. In addition to being a force on the intramural football gridiron, Mr. Murphy is the Student Council moderator, the 2013 head freshman baseball coach, and the Prep's inaugural varsity volleyball coach (spring 2014).

Why the Prep?

I was impressed by the quality of the students when I taught a demo lesson during the interview process; I was overwhelmed by the school's facilities - particularly the science labs, and everyone I met seemed to be enthusiastic about working here.

What do you want Prep students to understand?

It depends on the class. For freshmen, I want to prepare them for the next level and teach them how to learn science. For my seniors, I want them to be scientifically literate in a modern society - to be able to analyze data, understand graphs, and to make intelligent decisions. And for my AP Physics guys, I want to give them a firm foundation, so that they can excel in any college physics or engineering class.

What do you enjoy most about working at the Prep?

It's got to be the kids. It's so rare to find a group of students who are so interested in what's going on in class. It's just a really nice place to work in that sense. The students definitely make the job.

Besides teaching, moderating, and coaching, what are some of your hobbies or interests?

I play in softball, basketball, and volleyball leagues. I like to read. I enjoy going to see Shakespeare and musical theater. Shakespeare's command of the language makes his prose interesting on multiple levels. I also like science fiction - Michael Crichton and Stephen King stories.

Have you set any professional goals?

I just became a National Board certified teacher - that was a pretty big goal for me.

Finally, why should a family consider St. Joe's Prep?

At St. Joe's Prep, you will become part of a group of students who excel in all aspects of education - academics, the arts, athletics, social-emotional learning, and service. A Prep grad is a good and complete person.

This blog post was written by Mr. Ed Turner '00, Director of Admission.

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