Thursday, December 5, 2013

Senior Mother-Son Night

In today's post, Mrs. Ceal Biello, Director of Annual Giving and Mothers' Club Moderator, reflects on her time as a Prep senior's parent.
Mrs. Ceal Biello

Senior year at the Prep. Wow! It is a year of lasts; a year of contrasts, emotional, heartwarming and bittersweet all at once. It is a build up to graduation and, eventually, leaving home. You realize that your son has one foot out the door, carefully testing the waters, and you are torn between gently nudging him and wanting to grab him and not let go. You think back with amazement to four years ago when you were both new to the Prep and wonder where all of the time has gone and realize just how much your son has grown. 

You, wondering what the future holds, are just as anxious and excited as he is. You feel a bit of relief that you both made it to this point and the college application process is well underway if not complete. On this particular night during the Advent season, at the special tradition for seniors and their moms, sitting in the beautiful Gesu sharing one more liturgy, you are reflective, taking it all in, humbled and proud of the young man your son is becoming. 

At the sign of peace when he turns to you with his signature smile and a bear hug, your heart aches with love and gratitude – for your son, and for the Prep – an incredible partner in guiding your son to become a true man for and with others. On this night you pray in thanksgiving - for choosing the Prep community for your son to learn, grow, find himself and prepare for his place in this world. On this night your prayers are filled with hope – for the future and all that your son is yet to be.

This blog post was written by Mrs. Ceal Biello, Director of Annual Giving and Mothers' Club Moderator.

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