Thursday, November 14, 2013

6 Tips for the Practice Exam

Applicants for St. Joseph's Prep Class of 2019 will take the Prep's practice scholarship/entrance exam this weekend. We asked Mr. Brian Kearney '99, Prep Classics teacher and test prep tutor, if he had any tips.

1. Think with your pen, not with your head.

You can think about ten different things all at once, but only write about (or work on) one of them. Stay focused by writing, working, moving forward.

2. Don't proceed to the next question until you've eliminated at least one choice.

In other words, save your work. If you return to a skipped question without first making some notes or attempting to reduce your options, that's more time and mental energy wasted.

3. Don't guess until you have 5 minutes left in a section.

Use the bulk of each section's time on material that you can work through confidently.

We in the admission office want to add a few more:

4. Sleep well.

The quality of your sleep can impact your mood, energy level, and ability to concentrate.

5. Eat breakfast.

The all-important first meal of the day is said to improve focus, attention, and emotional well-being.

6. Be grateful for the opportunity.

Grateful people, besides being nicer, are said to be generally more determined, more energetic, and more optimistic. So be sure to thank your parents many times before you take the test.

This blog post was written by Mr. Ed Turner '00, Director of Admission.

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  1. All very great tips! Thanks for sharing. We are looking forward to our son taking the test this weekend. :o)