Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Were you ready?

In today's blog post, Mr. Turner '00 chats with Dan Barbella '10, Prep alumnus and fourth class cadet at the United States Military Academy.

Each year during the short Thanksgiving week, it is not unusual to see several young Prep alumni, home from college for the holiday, roaming the halls, dropping in on classes, and saying hello to former teachers. I was lucky to see former student and current fourth class cadet at West Point, Dan Barbella '10.

Dan was here, as he has been for the past three years, to talk to Prep students about service academies. Dan and I talked about his future plans, and I learned that not only is he interested in macroeconomics, but also that he wants to be a helicopter pilot. "Not a bad way to spend your everyday" is how Dan put it.

Dan Barbella '10 (right) at West Point
I couldn't resist asking Dan if he felt prepared for West Point's demanding schedule and high expectations. His reply?

"Absolutely. There's a similar standard here at the Prep in terms of self-reliance and personal accountability. In addition, academics and ethics are intertwined. And most important, I'm reminded constantly of my commitment to something greater than myself. The Prep does it right."

Of course, I agreed.

This blog post was written by Mr. Ed Turner '00, Director of Admission.

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